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Beauty & Care

Our Expertise in the Beauty & Care Sector

Today, as a manufacturer of cosmetic, dermatological, or medical personal cleansing products and care and beauty products, you are closer than ever to the field of medical science. These days, along with purely cosmetic purposes, your products – due to the shift towards health-conscious medicine – are mainly used to keep skin healthy. In view of this trend and your commitment to your customers, quality and hygiene are a top priority for your company. 

As an experienced contract logistics service provider in the beauty and care industry, we are keenly aware of this responsibility and the demanding requirements that arise from it. When developing and implementing our customised logistics solutions, we focus on meeting the highest safety, quality, and hygiene standards, similar to those that apply in the pharmaceuticals industry, which has much in common with your sector.


We develop logistics solutions for greater well-being!

We use our flexible and dynamic logistics structures to meet the industry’s customary seasonal and promotional-related volume fluctuations and peaks in the demand for goods and services. Find out more about our comprehensive service portfolio, or browse through a selection of our reference projects to get a more “hands-on” impression of our logistics expertise.