Our Expertise in the High-tech Industry

As a manufacturer in the high-tech/high-value sector, you do business in a highly technological, fast-paced and service-oriented world. Your market is characterised by short product lifecycles, increasing global networking of suppliers and customers, a variety of sales channels and the demand for constant product availability. Your highly sensitive, time-critical products stand for precision, quality and value, around the world.

As an experienced contract logistics service provider in the high-tech industry, we are fully aware of the demanding logistical requirements of your sector, and meet them with flexible and efficient logistics solutions, maximum precision, and customised products and services.

High Tech

We develop logistics solutions that ensure superior technological performance!

Our logistics services and solutions are distinguished by absolute adherence to schedules, quick response times, and in-depth product and industry expertise. Our strong network enables us to ensure comprehensive spare parts availability, including emergency stock via emergency warehouses, if needed. Find out more about our extensive service portfolio, or browse through a selection of our reference projects to get a more “hands-on” impression of our logistics expertise.