Since the company was founded in 1951, the Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has evolved into an internationally operating logistics service provider with several locations in Germany, France, and Switzerland. In recent years, it has successfully transformed from a pure transport service provider into an international contract logistics company – with a consistent product line strategy in the health care solutions and industry solutions sectors.

Today, the rapid pace at which change, globalisation and virtualisation occur is an ongoing challenge. This makes our company values and a solid corporate culture all the more important. Yesterday and today, the corporate values defined by Heinrich Grieshaber Sr. more than 50 years ago, among them diligence, persistence, reliability and customer orientation, are still cornerstones of our daily work. A productive combination of tradition and progress is our formula for a successful future.

Heinrich Grieshaber auf einem Kramer-Traktor
1939 – A dream in mind – 17-year-old Heinrich Grieshaber senior on a Kramer tractor
zwei Grieshaber LKWs
1953 – Grieshaber fleet
drei MAN-Fahrzeuge
1959 – The new MAN fleet has increased to three vehicles
Neubau und Umzug von Rotzel nach Laufenburg-Luttingen
1961 – A new era begins: construction and relocation from Rotzel to Laufenburg-Luttingen
1964 – Silo cement transports as a new transport division
Grieshaber MAN-Frontlenker für den Fernverkehr
1965 – The first MAN cab over engine for long distance use
Lagerhaltung mit Rollen- und Palettenpapier
1970 – Start of warehousing services with roller and palette paper
Draufsicht der Grieshaber Areals
1976 – 25-year company anniversary
Grieshaber Speditionsanlage und Fuhrpark
1978 – Facility and fleet of the Grieshaber subsidiary in Freiburg-Umkirch
Unternehmenssitz Laufenburg-Luttingen
1978 – Company headquarters in Laufenburg-Luttingen
Schüttguttransporte vom Rheinhafen Weil
1981 – Bulk shipments from the Weil Rhine port to the industrial settlements Upper Rhine and Switzerland
Grieshaber im Kombiverkehr
1982 – Entering the combined transport segment
Niederlassung Schlüchtern-Fulda
1992 – Foundation of the branch in Schluechtern / Fulda, thus entering the pharma logistics sector
Logistikcenter Hombourg-Mulhouse
1994 – Construction of Logistics Centre Hombourg- Mulhouse/France
Grieshaber Logistikcenter Bad Säckingen
1999 – Construction of new logistics centre in Bad Säckingen and relocation from Laufenburg to Bad Säckingen
vollautomatisches Kleinteilelage
2001 – Extension with fully automated high bay warehouse in Bad Säckingen
Pharma-Logistikcenter in Flieden bei Fulda
2003 – Construction of the new pharmaceutical logistics centre in Flieden, Germany
Logistikcenter Hombourg-Mulhouse mit Fuhrpark
2006 – Expansion of logistics centre in Hombourg / France
Grieshaber Hauptsitz in Bad Säckingen
2007 – Expansion of the headquarters in Bad Säckingen: a new pharma logistics centre
Logistics Park Hochrhein, Rheinfelden
2013 – Logistics Park Hochrhein, Rheinfelden
Logistics Park Rhein-Main, Biebesheim
2014 – Logistics Park Rhein-Main, Biebesheim

Milestones in our company development

1951 Heinrich Grieshaber Sr. founded a haulage business in the town of Rotzel, Germany

1961 Company headquarters relocated to Laufenburg–Luttingen

1978 Conversion to a limited partnership (KG)

1982 Investment in Kombiverkehr AG, Frankfurt, and entry into the combined transport segment

1989Company changed to Grieshaber Transport + Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

1990 Acquisition of Isebarn Speditions AG with locations in Weil am Rhein (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland), and founding of Grieshaber AG Transport+Logistik, Basel
Acquisition of BREUER Spedition Köln

1992Paper logistics: investment in Alpa-Spedition with locations in Albbruck and Mochenwangen, Germany.
Pharmaceutical logistics: establishment of the branch in Schlüchtern / Fulda, Germany

1994 Grieshaber France founded, construction of the new logistics centre in Hombourg-Mulhouse, France

1998 Certification under DIN ISO 9001

1999 Construction of the new logistics centre in Bad Säckingen, Germany,
Co-founder of and shareholder in Papier Logistik International (PLI),
Finalist in “Entrepreneur of the Year 1999” contest

2000 Company renamed “Grieshaber AG”

2002 First place in the “Logistics Services Provider” category of the “Service Provider of the Year 2002” contest held by the German state of Baden-Württemberg

2003 Finalist in “Entrepreneur of the Year 2003” contest,
Construction of the new Pharmaceutical logistics centre in Flieden, Germany

2005 Company renamed “Grieshaber Logistics Group AG” after restructuring,
Establishment of subsidiary caremexx GmbH as a joint venture of Anzag and Grieshaber Logistics Group AG
Founding of the Grieshaber Academy
Establishment of the location in Gernsheim (near Darmstadt), Germany

2006 Foundation of the Swiss branch in Zurich, Switzerland,
Opening of another caremexx location in Starnberg,
Expansion of the logistics centre in Hombourg, France

2007 Expansion of the logistics centre in Bad Säckingen,
Establishment of another branch in Gernsheim (near Darmstadt), Germany

2008 caremexx is finalist in the “Service Provider of the Year 2008” contest held by the German state of Baden-Württemberg
Opening of another Grieshaber location in Müllheim, Germany
Relocation of the FMC central warehouse from Gernsheim to Biebesheim
Authorisation for wholesale distribution granted by the Regional Council of the City of Freiburg, Germany
Modernisation of the vehicle fleet with 10 MAN Euro 5 vehicles

2009 Successful environmental certification under DIN EN ISO 14001:2004
Enlargement and rejuvenation of the Board of Directors

2010 Future-oriented green logistics investments:
commissioning of the 12,700 m² on-roof photovoltaics facility at the company headquarters, being the largest one in the district of Waldshut,
Award winner in the “Jobmotor” employers’ contest of southern Baden
Authorisation for wholesale distribution granted for the pharma location in Flieden

2011 Winner of the German Logistics Service Award 2011

2012 Expansion of the logistics centre in Müllheim, Germany

2013 Construction of the new logistics centre in Rheinfelden/Herten, Germany, with 25,000 m²

2014 Construction of the new logistics centre in Biebesheim/Darmstadt, Germany

2015 Granting of the manufacture and import authorisation pursuant to section 13 paragraph 1 and section 72 paragraph 1 of the Medicinal Preparations Act (AMG) for the Logistics Park Hochrhein
Certification in accordance with EN ISO 13485
Award winner in the “Jobmotor” employers’ contest of southern Baden

2016 Attainment of status “Regulated Agent Federal Aviation Office” (LBA)
Accreditation as “Authorised Economic Operator” (AEO)

2017 Granting of permit to import investigational medicinal products for human use in accordance with 72 paragraph 1 AMG (Medicinal Products Act) for the Logistics Park Rhein-Main