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Our Quality Management System

Quality is multifaceted. It is perceived and viewed differently from person to person, country to country, and company to company. The different concepts of quality are illustrated and documented in the various standards and guidelines.

Due to its significance along the entire value chain, the quality of the logistics system has a major impact on a company’s efficiency. Consequently, a holistic, integrated approach to the concept of quality is vital. Assurance of high quality standards thus has to be binding and ensured by all parties involved in the process, along the entire supply chain.

As a contract logistics service provider, we are fully aware of the responsibility we have to our customers. We are committed to high quality standards, and are uncompromising when it comes to meeting them. At Grieshaber, customer satisfaction is the internal benchmark for the quality of our products and services.


Because after all, we carry the responsibility for our customers’ products!

Our concept of quality, which is firmly ingrained in our corporate philosophy, is not limited to products and process flows that have already been entrusted to us. For us, quality begins with the first customer contact, includes all of the performance and service requirements specified by our customers, and is reflected in professional project and change management and a deep sense of responsibility to undertake challenges and provide services for our customers in the course of our daily work.

In our ongoing efforts to optimise the quality of our services and performance, we continuously monitor the economic feasibility, safety, reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of our processes – aligned with the quality and service standards our customers demand – and audit them to identify any potentials for improvement. At Grieshaber, we expect each and every staff member to be committed to the consistent pursuit of excellence. Consequently, taking a quality-oriented approach to our services and products is business as usual for all of our employees.

Valuable components of our quality management system:
  • Annual documentation and communication of our company-wide quality objectives
  • Integrated management system to ensure total quality management
  • Regular audits and process validation by authorities, customers and suppliers
  • Mapping of the process structure by means of mandatory SOPs (standard operating procedures), WIs (work instructions) and procedural instructions
  • Relevant employee training programmes to increase process safety
  • Access control systems
  • Use of highly effective pest control systems
  • Continuous process optimisation through the regular exchange of experiences and information in the course of quality circle meetings that include customer participation, weekly meetings and monthly internal “innovation meetings”
  • Cost and performance transparency via monthly quality reporting on defined KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Use of paperless picking, material flow and controlling systems
  • IT/barcode support of all logistics processes