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Our Environmental Management System – Green Logistics

At Grieshaber, sustainable development and decisions form the basis of our future-oriented and consistently successful business performance. In view of the current and future ecological challenges, all of our sustainability-related activities aim at achieving long-term economic success while protecting the environment and taking eco-friendly aspects into account at the same time.
We proactively incorporate our environmental responsibility into our day-to-day actions by consistently designing and realising green and sustainable transport and logistics concepts and implementing an environmentally-conscious process management system within the entire company. We are continuously focused on forward-thinking technological developments and changing economic framework conditions.


Responsibility for the world of tomorrow!

In July 2009, our DIN EN ISO 14001 certification documented our commitment to the environment, and verified and audited our evolution from a company with a quality-oriented management approach to a green and sustainable enterprise.

At Grieshaber, however, this certification goes far beyond just meeting a standard. It clearly and firmly ingrains our environmental responsibility into our corporate philosophy and documents our dedication and conviction.

Key components of our environmental management system:
  • Annual documentation and communication of our company-wide environmental objectives and environmental policy guidelines
  • Regular reporting of key environmental figures in the Grieshaber environmental impact report
  • Mapping of the process structure by means of mandatory SOPs (standard operating procedures) and procedural instructions
  • Relevant training programmes to increase employee awareness
  • Use of low-emission, low-noise and technologically state-of-the-art vehicles
  • Optimisation of route planning and use of modern telematic systems to reduce traffic volume and minimise fuel consumption
  • Increased energy efficiency through systematic, environmentally-conscious use of resources
  • Responsible use of water
  • Material recycling
  • CLEAN Company project