10 Years Logistik Park Hochrhein

On 1 July 2013, the Logistics Park Hochrhein in Rheinfelden was inaugurated by the management of the Grieshaber Group in a festive ceremony. Kurt Grieshaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the time, stored the first pallet of pharmaceutical products in the high-quality and elaborately planned and equipped new warehouse.

With promising planning, the location on the Swiss border was chosen with its direct access to the motorway, its very good connection to the container port in Weil am Rhein and the airports in CH-Basel and CH-Zurich - and thus its strategically perfect location


"My vision worked out!" says Kurt Grieshaber, current deputy supervisory board member of the Grieshaber Group, who noticed the undeveloped plot of land between the motorway exit and Herten in 2006.  How did it come about?

In March 2006, Kurt Grieshaber, in his capacity as President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, attended the inauguration of motorway bridge 861, which was to connect Germany and Switzerland from there on, together with the then Minister of Transport, Tiefensee, and the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Oettinger. It could be seen as a lucky coincidence for the Grieshaber company that Kurt Grieshaber was there an hour too early at the time and therefore went on a reconnaissance tour of the Herten industrial estate. In the process, he noticed the undeveloped and undeveloped plots of land right next to the motorway. The following day, he directly contacted the then Mayor Niethammer of the town of Rheinfelden to apply for a plot of land with 100,000 square metres.

After a lead time of more than five years, combined with intensive talks and negotiations, and an incredible 98 meetings with the most diverse stakeholders, the red dot was handed over in 2012. The groundbreaking ceremony followed on 11 September 2012.

It was thanks to the entrepreneurial foresight of Kurt Grieshaber, coupled with the necessary courage and stamina, to enter into this project with an investment volume of 23 million euros. A lot of sweat and lifeblood went into this project. But all the work has paid off. In July 2013, the first construction phase went into operation on a site area of 50,000 square metres and a storage area of 27,000 square metres (including mezzanine) and was already at capacity after a short time.

In addition to this optimal location, the site also impresses with other highlights. The Logistik Park Hochrhein was designed according to the basic Grieshaber principles.

  • „Design Follows Function“,
  • designed scalability,
  • real-time monitoring and high security standards,
  • high availability through multiple redundancies, and
  • excellent environmental and energy standards


Our environmental and energy standards include, for example, above-average insulation, heat pumps in combination with PV systems and a backup power system. In addition, various redundant and proactive measures are implemented as part of the security concept. A four-zone concept regulates access, permanent monitoring of all systems ensures maximum transparency, highly effective Pest Control systems ensure effective pest control, sprinkler protection with a smoke aspiration system can detect possible fires at an early stage, the power supply is secured by emergency generators, and the use of redundant cooling units prevents the temperature in the cold storage room from rising in the event of breakdowns.  

In the Hochrhein Logistics Park, five temperature zones are available at a high-end level from +2°C to +8°C down to -80°C, which are monitored by means of loggers. In addition, this location has its own X-ray facility for air freight security.

Thanks to these features, security, redundancy and sustainability can be optimally combined!


The Grieshaber Group planned ahead at the time by purchasing over 100,000 square metres. Planning for the second phase of construction on the remaining 50,000 square metres began in 2021. On 11.11.2022, the red dot was handed over to Kurt Grieshaber and Ulf Tonne by Mayor Klaus Eberhardt of the town of Rheinfelden, so that nothing more stands in the way of expanding the site. The Grieshaber Group is looking forward to this exciting project as another growth milestone in the company's history.

The Logistik Park Hochrhein - a gateway for Europe!

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

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