1956 to 2022 - The Grieshaber company and MAN trucks

Back in 1956, when the then Grieshaber haulage company purchased its first MAN trucks (picture left), it was not yet possible to foresee what a long-term business relationship based on partnership would develop here.

In 1989, Kurt Grieshaber (already in the second generation) took delivery of the 100th MAN truck at that time (picture on the right).

And even today, 66 years after the first purchase, they have remained loyal to the MAN brand. Thus Kurt Grieshaber, together with employees from our fleet, collected the 200th MAN truck in Munich on 23.11.2022.

Among others, Mr. Oesterritz (Sales Manager MAN Germany), Mr. Huber (Managing Director MAN Germany) as well as Mr. Fehrenbacher (Regional Sales Manager South Baden) were represented by MAN, who symbolically handed over the key of the 200th truck to Mr. Grieshaber in a ceremonial setting.

After the handover, the Grieshaber team set off for home with a total of four new MAN TGX truck units of the latest generation and thus also immediately enjoyed the modern vehicle technology.

With the purchase of the four new truck units, Grieshaber is fulfilling its task of maintaining a fleet that is always modern and economical, which corresponds to the latest vehicle technology and thus to the current exhaust and environmental standards.

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