AEO authorisation

Authorised economic operator

Grieshaber is awarded AEO authorisation

On 25 July 2016, Grieshaber was recognised as “Authorised Economic Operator” by the Hauptzollamt Singen. The procedure was completed successfully and Grieshaber now has AEO-C accreditation.

Why AEO and what are the advantages of this?

AEO status has become increasingly important for allowing simplifications of customs authorisations/procedures. In accordance with customs legislation, simplification is recognised throughout the European Union. Agreements currently also exist outside of the EU in accordance with article 38 paragraph 7 UCC (Union Customs Code) in the following countries:

  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Japan
  • United States of America
  • China

The European Union is in negotiations with other non-member countries, particularly Canada.

As a result of EU customs legislation, guarantees are required more frequently. For application of the UCC (Union Customs Code), AEO-C authorisation is a requirement for some procedural simplifications. These are as follows:

  • Entry in the declarant’s records with release from presentation (import)
  • Central customs clearance 
  • Self-monitoring
  • Authorisation of an overall guarantee for a customs debt incurred with a reduced amount

The AEO certificate C (“customs” or “customs simplifications” pursuant to article 14 a paragraph 1 letter a) of the regulation implementing the (Community) Customs Code covers customs simplifications, such as the simplified application procedure (for example, the local clearance procedure). Simplifications that affect the transit procedure and that have already been checked as part of the AEO application, such as personal reliability, do not have to be checked again. 

AEO objectives are to protect goods, secure taxes, harmonise customs controls and protect the EU’s external borders by ensuring the supply chain.

These new regulations help to prevent massive delays in business and logistics processes.

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