Turning old into new - reuse of packaging material at Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

A sustainable packaging process and thus the protection of the environment is at the centre of this and is supported and promoted by all employees.

The aim is to reduce waste production and reuse packaging material that has already been used. The incoming goods warehouse staff  sort out pallets, filling material, edge protectors and cartons that are suitable for reuse and pass them on to outgoing goods if no conclusions can be drawn about the original sender and the packaging material is in good condition.

Every pallet that has to be repacked is then packed securely and neatly with reusable material. An exception is only made if the customer has special packing instructions or the pallets are of a special size. The customers selected for this project have been informed about the procedure and are pleased to be able to make a positive contribution to the environment together with Grieshaber.

This process reduces the need for new raw materials and minimises waste. This has a positive effect on the workload of the procurement department and also reduces procurement and waste costs.

Reducing waste to a minimum is an important aspect for Grieshaber in all areas of the company, which is to be further expanded in the future in order to make a positive contribution to the circular economy.


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