Automated customs clearance solution for Switzerland

For many years, Grieshaber Logistcs Group AG has been successfully developing Europe-wide distribution solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and MedTec industries in temperature-controlled areas (2-8°C / 15-25°C) at its location in Rheinfelden.

The focus is on the high quality requirements of the customers, the balancing act between late order receipt and the earliest possible delivery to the carrier's hub, as well as the harmonisation of the various additional services of the carriers.

Last but not least, the multitude of available information is bundled, evaluated and made available to the partners as well as the customers via web portals via central IT platforms. This includes both transport-specific key figures, such as event-based status messages, delivery reliability or temperature data, as well as shipment-related information, such as delivery notes or warehouse data.

In addition to the optimised gateways of the EU neighbouring countries, which have been established for several years, Switzerland has been fully connected to this operational network in the parcel, express and pallet areas since the beginning of 2020. This is made possible by a fully automated end-to-end interface between the Grieshaber Group's warehouse management system, the Grieshaber Group's customs clearance software and the Atlas customs software for German exports. Via Grieshaber's identically connected customs partner, the analogous process applies to Swiss imports.

Based on an online customs database filled by the customer and provided by Grieshaber with customs and country-specific master data, the German collective export and the Swiss import of the shipping orders picked and provided on the same day are subsequently created within a few minutes.

This setup makes it possible to offer identical cut-off and carrier departure times from Rheinfelden (Baden/Germany) for the Swiss market and thus represents a further value-added component in the development of the European distribution network.

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