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Since March 2019, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has been one of the main implementation partners in the research project "Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT)-based Supply Chain Transparency and Automation" at the Institute for Supply Chain Management in St. Gallen. We asked Christian Moog, member of the Management Board and responsible for IT, Automation, Innovation and Sales Health Care Solutions, about this:

What is this research project about?

The aim here is to meet the regulatory requirements of the complex and highly security-sensitive supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry and to be able to generate corresponding added value for the partners in the supply chain by means of new technologies.
The big challenge of consolidating data is currently the ownership of the data and the associated assurance of its confidentiality, integrity and availability. The new block chain technology offers interesting approaches to solving these challenges while at the same time generating added value for the supply chain participants, which will be analyzed and evaluated in the course of the research project. We see the advantages of the further development of sensor solutions as well as the development of SC-Event Management in the form of "smart loggers", which not only record data, but also enormously improve process reliability in the logistics process through active alarm functions.

Why is Grieshaber participating in this project?

As a logistics service provider, we are constantly examining how we can meet the regulatory requirements and generate added value for our customers to improve their market situation. For this reason, it is essential to be close to the market and also to examine new technologies with regard to their added value generation.
Since we as Grieshaber see the potential in the "Blockchain" technology and want to be active in this area, we have participated in the project with a well-known existing customer.

What added value do we expect from this? - What happens next?

In conclusion, we can say that we are eager to follow this challenging and innovative topic. The results of the project will show what concrete added value we can offer our customers with this technology for the complex requirements of pharmaceutical logistics. We see the advantages and possibilities of supply chain transparency (end-to-end visibility) and the added value that will result from data availability in relation to "smart loggers" as particularly promising and exciting.

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