Bronze award for a positive sustainability performance

The topic of sustainability is also omnipresent at Grieshaber Logistics Group AG. In February 2024, Grieshaber received the bronze award from one of the largest providers of sustainability rankings, which is a symbol of the company's positive sustainability performance. In addition to the environmental aspect, the handling of labor and human rights as well as ethics and sustainable procurement were also evaluated.

By focusing on environmentally oriented process management throughout the company, Grieshaber is facing up to its ecological responsibility in its daily activities. The focus here is on forward-looking technological developments and changes in economic conditions.

Grieshaber uses electric and hybrid cars in its vehicle fleet, which are charged at the company's own electric charging station. The use of photovoltaic systems has also already proven its worth. In 2023, CO2 emissions were drastically reduced due to the use of PV systems at the various locations, neutralizing 1235.61 tons of CO2. In addition to the photovoltaic systems, the warehouses are equipped with highly efficient LED Smart Lightning systems.

Grieshaber creates new habitats for insects, lizards and forest bees through insect habitats and flower meadows.

These are just some of the many ways in which the company is fulfilling its environmental responsibility for the world of tomorrow. The sustainability concept is constantly monitored and new opportunities are defined and developed.

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