Digitisation of forms using SmapOne

The Grieshaber Logistics Group AG meets the digital transformation and the reduction of paper consumption by digitising protocols and forms.

Since February of this year, the Grieshaber Group at Logistik Park Hochrhein has been using a modern software application based on a modular principle: SmapOne. This application enables the company to display any kind of protocols, checklists and forms flexibly and independently in digital form as well as on different end devices.

The modular principle is used to create the documents. The required fields are placed in the app in the desired order using drag and drop with no-code programming to define the report layout. Afterwards, the various fields can be filled in.

The filling in of numerous paper reports as well as other documents is thus replaced by the uncomplicated and quick filling in via tablets, mobile phones and computers. The application also offers the function of integrating images and photos directly into the forms, thus making the subsequent and often tedious and time-consuming stitching together of images and forms superfluous.

Thanks to the practical offline function, the application can also be used in areas without an internet connection. This gives the user flexibility and independence when working with SmapOne.

Once a form has been completed, data is transferred in real time, reducing walking distances, passing on relevant information more quickly and preventing the loss of data. Once forms have been completed, data can be shared and stored in a variety of formats. The automatic bundling of all recorded information in a clear Excel file enables uncomplicated evaluation and further processing of the data.

The Grieshaber Group has laid the foundation stone with the mapping of incoming goods protocols at Logistik Park Hochrhein. Now it is looking forward to expanding the software application to other locations and processes.

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