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Central components of the FMCG supply chain are a seamlessly integrated production process to the logistics as well as high quality requirements. The product range of the new customer, which operates throughout Europe, includes hygienic paper, dispensers and also cleaning agents. The latter falls under ADR law, as it is a hazardous substance. For this, there were still some hurdles to be cleared before the project began: for example, several goods may only be stored in a hazardous goods cabinet due to their low flash point. In cooperation with the technical and quality departments, this could be procured at the start of the project, so that nothing stood in the way of safe storage.

Furthermore, the storage of the hazardous substances can be specifically managed via the warehouse management system. A standard storage location is assigned to each item, which ensures that the hazardous substance is stored in accordance with legal regulations.

Although the customer had no previous experience of an interface connection, Grieshaber was able to offer an uncomplicated and pragmatic solution here: The data is sent by e-mail, for example by means of an Excel file, from the customer to Grieshaber. This file contains essential mandatory fields that are required for order processing. The main advantage here is that the file format can be freely selected by the customer.

The goods are dispatched as standard by CEP service provider (courier express parcel service provider), larger consignments are dispatched directly as pallets in general cargo traffic at the customer's request. In both cases, the shipping labels are generated automatically from the system. The address data transmitted via e-mail interface are supplemented with dimensions & weight by the system-side packing and transmitted directly to the CEP service providers or general cargo forwarders. Thanks to the reliable input of the orders, the goods can be delivered nationally with standard shipping, usually within 48 hours of the order. The confirmation of outgoing goods is also automated and sent by e-mail on the same day, thus guaranteeing complete transparency along the supply chain.

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is delighted to have gained this new customer and is looking forward to further developing and expanding the business relationship in partnership, which still offers a great deal of potential.

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