Power saving at Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

The main energy sources for operating the heat pumps in the temperature-controlled warehouses are electricity and gas, with gas to be replaced by electric heat pumps in the future.

The use of a CNG biogas lorry was tested in a project. This test phase has now been successfully completed and two more CNG biogas lorries are being purchased. In addition, Grieshaber is currently looking into the future use of electric lorries and the use of HVO fuels to reduce CO2 emissions.

According to Mr Fricker, building technology is about everyday approaches that reduce energy consumption. In addition to an optimum room temperature and efficient lighting, there are many other aspects and rules of behavior for employees that contribute to the responsible use of energy and prevent it from being consumed unnecessarily.

What do you do privately and professionally to save power?

In the attached interview, you will find valuable tips and suggestions on how you can save more power or even how your employees can contribute to power reduction through targeted measures.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

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