Expansion of the product range in the area of deep freezing to ambient!

For a leading international laboratory technology manufacturer and supplier of DNA sequencing products in the field of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is taking over the storage, handling and dispatch of the NGS products and components in four different temperature zones at the Rheinfelden site.
Some of the chemical products are stored in freezers at a temperature of -80° Celsius. Other products are stored in temperature zones of -20°, 2-8° and 15-25° Celsius. A final product can be made up of components that are stored and also shipped in different temperature zones.
Due to the high quality of the products, they are strictly monitored and subject to the highest safety requirements. Storage is camera-monitored and stocks are batch-managed. All logistical processes are supervised by dual control and documented in compliance with GMP guidelines. For passively cooled transports, the products and shipping containers are prepared with dry ice and cooling elements. This is regularly delivered and disposed of via a prepared dry ice concept.

In this segment, the international laboratory technology manufacturer has expanded its product portfolio and is now launching a new product line that enables easy handling for the end customer. It will be possible to purchase different combinations of the product portfolio and read them out with the help of a specially developed machine.

As a logistics service provider, we are pleased to be able to support the expansion of the project in this special segment as a supply chain partner.

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