From Deep Frozen to Ambient - high-end technical solutions for temperature-controlled storage in five temperature zones

In 2013, Grieshaber put the Rheinfelden site into operation. Over the past seven years, the location has undergone continuous development. Naturally, this has not been without the special conditions of the building, the technology and the facilities with the corresponding safety. In the meantime, we are able to map five temperature zones in Rheinfelden:

- 3080 m²   cooling area                                      + 2 - 8° C
- 2000 m²   temperature zone                              + 10 to 20°C
- 20034 m² Temperature zone                              + 15 to 25°C
- 150 m²     freezer area (walk-in freezer)              -18°C
- 250 m²     freezer area (stand-alone freezer)       -20° to - 80°C

As a basis for the greatest possible safety, the freezing and cooling systems are designed to be 100% redundant. The freezing and cooling systems are also operated in two completely separate systems. The redundant systems are designed in such a way that the full capacity can be called up even if one system fails.

The temperature zones +10 to 20°C and +15 to 25°C are air-conditioned with gas heat pumps and can heat as well as cool. The redundancy is given here by the number of units,
which, in the event of failure of one or more systems, is compensated by the other devices. In addition, all systems are connected to an emergency power supply system so that they can continue to operate with diesel in the event of a power failure.

Temperature monitoring is carried out with a validated monitoring system, which is equipped with a total of 68 temperature and humidity loggers, and is very closely clocked
records the value that is displayed on a visualization system. These values can of course be traced back at any time throughout the entire runtime. The temperature and humidity loggers are recalibrated regularly every year.

So-called pre-alarms and main alarms have been defined for individual customer or product requirements, so that in the event of a deviation the appropriate measures can be initiated.

The area with the highest technical requirements is the deep-freeze area. We differentiate the deep-freeze area into two zones. One zone covers an area of 250 m² and a total of 49 stand-alone freezers with temperatures of -20°C to -80°C. A total of 51 temperature loggers constantly monitor the required temperature range. In the second deep-freeze area, we use a walk-in freezer on 150 m² with temperatures down to -20°C.
The emergency power supply system ensures that no failures occur in these two areas either.

In addition to the above-mentioned systems, permanent technical support is required to ensure that logistical services can be provided at a high-end level and at a constant level.

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