GDP-compliant distribution solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

With a portfolio of logistics services optimally tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG offers its customers comprehensive GDP-compliant distribution solutions throughout Europe, by means of a global network in sea and air freight.

With this attractive range of services, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG was able to win a well-known and internationally active pharmaceutical manufacturer as a customer. After a test phase lasting several months and auditing at the turn of the year 2021/2022, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has taken over the entire distribution of finished products.

As part of this service package, high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials ("API's") are collected from the production site at least twice a week for Europe-wide distribution in groupage traffic and for shipment by air freight overseas. If required, bi-therm vehicles are also used for the general cargo shipments and part loads that then arise here in larger volumes, in order to be able to cover the temperature ranges of 2-8 °C and 15-25 °C required depending on the product with just one pick-up.

The customer thus benefits not only from a streamlining of processes in shipping administration and loading, because significantly fewer forwarders are involved and also fewer vehicles pick up, but also from a reduction in upstream costs brought about by the consolidation to the two hubs located on one route: the Logistik Park Rhein-Main in Biebesheim of Grieshaber Logisics Group AG, as the central point of contact for forwarding goods by land transport, and the Kelsterbach hub near Frankfurt am Main Airport for air freight to overseas destinations.

At the two hubs, the deliveries are first handled in compliance with GMP guidelines, temporarily stored if necessary, and prepared for onward shipment to the destination countries. This includes, among other things, air cargo security requirements such as x-ray of the goods. 

The distribution of our customer's airfreight is mainly carried out from Frankfurt am Main airport with a focus on North and South America. In cooperation with a globally operating network, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG facilitates the product-specific temperature-controlled flight, if necessary with special packaging, export and import customs clearance as well as GDP-compliant delivery to the end customer, depending on availability in the destination country.

Customers can choose between the "Cargo Groupage" and "Cargo Direct" products for land transport connections. While "Cargo Groupage", as a groupage service for less time-critical shipments, focuses on high consolidation and thus primarily on freight cost optimization, shipments loaded via "Cargo Direct" are delivered to customers in Europe within the shortest possible time (without the need for an expensive express shipment, which was often necessary in the past).

By handling this global GMP-compliant and complex service, the following significant added values could be offered to the customer: Process transparency, reduction of administrative effort as well as cost savings in terms of freight optimization.

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