Grieshaber as panel participant at Wirtschaftsgespräche Südwest

The developments in artificial intelligence are enormous, and it is hard to imagine today's society without it. What opportunities does AI offer companies today and in the future and what can we expect?

In an exciting panel discussion as part of the Wirtschaftsgespräche Südwest, Toni Elbert (Member of the Management Board at Grieshaber) explained the extent to which AI is used at Grieshaber and the opportunities that arise for companies. In addition, Prof. Dr. Herbert Schuster (site manager of the FHM in Waldshut and member of the Grieshaber Supervisory Board) gave examples of how medium-sized companies can usefully integrate AI into various work processes and why it can be worthwhile using the technology of the future today.

How is AI being used in logistics and explicitly at the Grieshaber Group, and what opportunities does its use offer?

"We don't develop the AI ourselves - our task is to intelligently link the existing solutions," says Toni Elbert. There are many possible applications for AI within logistics. In addition to increasing efficiency and avoiding errors, it can also optimize protection against cyber-attacks and have a positive impact on sustainability.

For example, image recognition systems such as the OCR reader for data recognition and digital recording of invoices or cameras for quality assurance and checking labels are used in the operational area. AI also supports speech recognition to optimize the user profile for "dialogues" in the pick-by-voice process and optimizes empty routes using real-time data and traffic analyses. Among other things, the latter reduces CO² emissions and reduces the ecological footprint.

AI is an integral part of the automation and digitalization strategy that Grieshaber has been pursuing for years. In view of demographic change, the shortage of skilled workers and resource bottlenecks, AI offers innovative measures to counteract these challenges. It is important that the focus is on the interaction between humans and machines. After all, a machine cannot completely replace human work in all areas.

Grieshaber has also drawn up usage guidelines ("rules of the game") and trained all employees to ensure the "controlled" use of AI, particularly when dealing with ChatGPT. Constantly growing with digitalization and dealing with AI is a necessary task due to the increasing complexity of requirements, especially in pharmaceutical logistics. We are not only facing up to this today, but we are actively and consciously addressing it.


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