Grieshaber expands the document guidance system with the training guidance software Skill-Guard

Grieshaber's services are very diverse and imply high quality requirements. In addition, Grieshaber aligns its processes to specific customer requirements. For the employees, this means that they have a different qualification profile depending on where they work. Each process has its own special features. Despite increasing automation, manual activities are indispensable.

The performance and quality of the services to be provided on a daily basis depend on the correct execution by people. The KnowHow and DoHow of the employees is therefore the focus of quality assurance. Grieshaber offers training for a wide range of areas. In addition to the training offered by the Grieshaber Academy for personal development, the SOP-based training courses (standard operating procedures) are an important factor in ensuring that people are adequately qualified for the job and area of activity they are to perform. Furthermore, it is a GDP requirement that employees are always trained on the current SOPs. Due to the versatility and fast-moving nature of the areas of activity, the number of SOPs to be trained and the revision status are quite high. Thus, the demand for an efficient training system is also very high and increases with the growth of the company.

With the help of Skill-Guard, it has been possible to better structure the training requirements and, through the direct connection with the SOP-Guard documentation system, SOP training can be efficiently tracked and documented. Grieshaber accompanied and supported the development of Skill-Guard at the manufacturer Aiti, so that Grieshaber-specific requirements could be implemented and this software could be well embedded in the company structure.

In June 2022, the validation of Skill-Guard was successfully completed and will be fully rolled out later this year.

With the introduction of the Skill-Guard training management software, Grieshaber is now able to digitally map and manage a skills matrix. Thus, an important interface between personnel qualification and training planning and its documentation could be implemented in a practicable way.


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