Grieshaber focuses on the environment - overall balance of photovoltaic systems 2023

With the certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 in July 2009, Grieshaber has proven and audited its path from quality-oriented corporate management to environmentally-oriented and sustainable corporate management and documented its commitment to the environment.

The company takes responsibility for the environment and attaches great importance to an energy-efficient facility, an energy-efficient vehicle fleet and a sustainable supply chain.

In 2010, Grieshaber commissioned the largest rooftop PV system from the Hochrhein at its headquarters in Bad Säckingen, covering 12,700 square meters. Over the years, further PV systems were installed in our locations in Rheinfelden, Müllheim and Homburg.

In 2023, CO2 emissions were drastically reduced thanks to the use of PV systems at the various locations. The use of environmentally friendly systems enabled Grieshaber to neutralize 1235.61 tons of Co2.

Further measures to reduce Co2 emissions are planned for 2024. 

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