Grieshaber well prepared for the future!

With the decision of May 05, 2023, Grieshaber Logistics Gorup AG will have a new Supervisory Board.

After Kurt Grieshaber left the management board at the end of 2022, he will now accompany the public limited company, whose shares are 100% family-owned, with his participation and contribution in the supervisory board, as as Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, from May 2023, and support the family business strategically from there with his decades of experience.

f.l.t.r. André Dosé, Dr. Thomas Trümper, Prof. Dr. Herbert Schuster, Kurt Grieshaber 

But this is not the only change. Another new member is Prof. Herbert Schuster. About him:

Prof. Schuster, a native of Tiengen, knows the Hochrhein and our region. He began his studies of mathematics in 1986 and worked for various companies until his current position as Professor for Digital Technologies and AI at the SRH University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg. He has held positions at SAP AG in Walldorf, as Managing Director of the SAP subsidiary eSAP, as COO at Seeburger AG, as founder of Innoplexia and as CIO at SNP SE.

Prof. Schuster is significantly involved with the topics of

  • Digitalization and transformation of established companies,
  • ig Data and Data Science in concrete application
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Deep Learning.



Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is pleased to welcome this IT expert on board. With his experience in the fields of digitalization and transformation, we are sure that the Grieshaber Group will benefit from his input on these "big" and important topics and will be able to move the group forward in today's digitalization era.

We look forward to a cooperative, forward-looking and constructive collaboration!

Your Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

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