Grieshaber wins a manufacturer of agricultural products as a new customer

In March of this year, a cold storage facility was commissioned at our site in Hombourg, France, for a leading global agricultural company. The storage exclusively comprises organic plant fertiliser, which, due to its specific requirements, may be stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse from 4°C up to a maximum of 10°C. The storage is carried out in a validated environment, which is monitored by means of a logger.

In addition to temperature-controlled storage in a validated environment, which is monitored by means of a logger, the services provided by Grieshaber as part of this project also include order picking and labelling. Thanks to a direct connection to the customer's warehouse management system - by means of a radio relay antenna - the shipping labels can be printed directly by the customer on a printer located in the picking zone. This enables simple and effective handling of the packages to be shipped.

With its geographically favourable location, the French site offers an optimal starting point for the EU central warehouse. The site also offers various security standards such as video surveillance, access controls and an alarm and fire protection system.

The project with its ecologically valuable products contains a lot of potential. The Grieshaber Group is pleased to be able to make a contribution to the environmentally friendly use of fertilisers by handling the logistics here, as well as to the future development and expansion of this business relationship in a spirit of partnership.

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

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