"In every crisis there is not only an opportunity, but also a possibility". (Martin Luther King)

Even before the Corona crisis, we made a conscious decision to use Microsoft Teams as a central platform for effective collaboration within the company, but also with our business partners. This forward-looking decision, especially with the onset of the Corona crisis, has enabled us to work together regardless of location in the blink of an eye. With Microsoft Teams, we manage digital organisation, coordination and work in physically separated teams, departments or with our customers. The advantages of virtual teamwork are manifold. It not only enables remote working of colleagues in the team regardless of location, but also provides more flexibility for the employee, as the workplace is not the decisive criterion for productivity and effectiveness. This location-independence is positive for the environment, as the regular commute is eliminated, and it revitalises the work-life balance of employees. They greatly appreciate the trust placed in them by the company and it also gives them the chance for more self-fulfilment.

Microsoft Teams plays an important role in this and is the central hub for collaboration and communication. The focus is on collaboration, regardless of whether it involves permanent organisational teams, departments and groups or just temporary project teams. Teams is the central platform that unites communication as well as task and document management under one user interface. Microsoft Teams changes the way teams work together and offers many advantages such as:

  • conduct internal communication via chats
  • Conduct online phone calls while sharing screens
  • Call and conduct online meetings quickly
  • channel all information thematically in so-called channels and make it available to all team members
  • Share files easily and edit them together
  • Use practical apps such as Wiki, Task or OneNote

In this way, we can continue to keep up with the ongoing and fast-moving digitalisation and thus not only see an added value for the business benefit, but can also make a virtue out of necessity and give our employees more leeway for the more practicable unification of private and business life.
And what positive aspects and developments has the Corona Circle triggered for you?

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