Integration of a natural remedies specialist at the Logistik Park Hochrhein

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG was able to acquire and implement a new customer from the natural remedies sector in the past financial year.

The project is being handled by the "Health Care Solutions" division at the Hochrhein Logistics Park in Rheinfelden. The customer's product range includes products such as Schüssler salts, homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements and other products from the natural remedies sector.

As part of the project implementation, pallet bays were set up in the high-bay warehouse for this purpose, from which picking takes place at the same time. As part of this service package, wholesale orders are processed for the customer twice a month. Other logistics services such as inventory management and transportation management are also part of the activities of this exciting business partner.

The system-side handling of the project represents a challenge. In order to process all relevant data with a simple interface, a profile was created so that the customer can only send a CSV file as an order. By sending the file, an order is automatically created in the merchandise management system, which is then processed by the system. This enables complete transparency and traceability along the logistics processes.

We are pleased to be able to handle the customer's warehouse logistics, order picking and shipping in Rheinfelden.


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