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Never before has so much attention been paid to IT security as today. In times of rapid changes in digitalisation in all areas, there are many advantages that can be found in many ways in all areas of our lives, but there are also dangers. Or could you have imagined in the 90s that you would be able to protect yourself against cybercrime, let alone insure yourself against it, both in business and in your private life?

Professional organisational structures such as Anonymus are just as well known today as political organisations or climate activists and have at least as much influence on our society.

How can Grieshaber protect itself against attacks of this kind?

"Grieshaber Logistics Group AG pursues a four-zone concept in this area. This concept forms the basis of our customers' ability to deliver and supply the market."  (Quote Christian Moog, Member of the Board of Management - picture right)

And this is how the Grieshaber Security Concept works:


  1. Zone: Employee
    Access authorisation concept, password protection, regular qualification and training as well as awareness trainings

  2. Zone: Endpoint
    Several security programmes on the end devices for protection against viruses, malware, ransomware as well as verification through penetration tests.

  3. Zone: Network
    E-mail and web security, data centre and client segmentation firewalls, perimeter firewalls, network visibility and network access control.

  4. Zone: Cloud
    Security Cloud protection layer with Advanced Threat Protection

This model is based on the partnering philosophy, which, combined with interdisciplinary and structural processes, guarantees effective and sustainable solutions with added value. The know-how and the do-how, related to our employees as well as the infrastructure, form the basis on which the following three pillars are continued:

  1. Pillar: Partnering - Our partnership with the customer
    In order to understand the customer's requirements, it is necessary to
    a trusting business relationship at eye level!

  2. Pillar: Best-fit approach - The best combination of logistics approaches
    3PL and 4PL services with room for tailor-made solutions based on the actual
    based on the actual needs of the customer!
  3. Pillar: Measurability & Transparency
    Measurable results and transparency via KPIs and an open-book
    philosophy lay the foundation for a trustful cooperation!


By means of special real-time monitoring of all IT systems, Grieshaber is able to protect itself virtually against attacks of all kinds. Via a dashboard on which all systems are displayed live, any abnormality can be detected immediately. This system is supplemented with a so-called managed XDR solution. Here, 24/7/365 real-time monitoring and evaluation of all defined devices in our network takes place. This enables Grieshaber to ensure proactive alerting and immediate separation of endpoint and network devices. Another important component of the security concept is the segmentation of the networks. This means that all networks can function independently of each other. In addition, all meshed networks and data are redundant.

Finally, there is of course the human factor, which plays a not inconsiderable role in this complex and digital world. Whether it be in the contribution of protection against attacks by IT specialists or by the attentive user.


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