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For many years, Grieshaber Logistcs Group AG has been developing Europe-wide distribution solutions at its Rheinfelden site for customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and MedTec sectors in both temperature-controlled (2-8°C / 15-25°C) and non-temperature-controlled areas.
The company's activities focus on the high quality requirements of its customers, the balancing act between late order receipt and the earliest possible delivery to the carrier's hub, as well as the harmonization of the various additional services offered by the carriers.
Not to be underestimated are the country-specific and regional differences in freight costs, which vary enormously depending on the volume of the shipment as well as the structure and volume of the shipment.
Last but not least, central IT platforms are used to bundle and evaluate the large amount of available information and make it available to partners and customers via web portals. This includes both transport-specific key figures such as event-based status messages, delivery reliability or temperature data as well as consignment-related information such as delivery notes or warehouse data.

How can the advantages of a country-specific freight carrier be used as effectively as possible in cross-border goods traffic? GLG strategically pursued this question and, based on this question, expanded its distribution partner network step by step together with the customers.
Several parameters play a role in the selection of the optimal carrier for the respective relations. In addition to the price of the shipment, the delivery period or the transit time, other factors, often driven by the end customer, must also be included in the overall consideration. Special delivery services such as pick-up stations or fixed storage locations, SMS services or individual agreements with the delivery agent require the use of specific carriers in the respective country. These can be specified within regions or even by customers and are therefore diverse.
In order to maintain the optimal price-performance ratio on the one hand and the delivery service level on the other hand as if the shipment was already handed over in the destination country, it must be fed into the network of the delivery carrier within the shortest possible time. This is achieved by setting up a targeted sprinter network that transports the shipments to the hubs of the delivering carrier, or by picking up the carriers directly at the distribution center. In both cases it is essential that the carrier hub is reached in time for further distribution. To ensure this, a strongly networked IT infrastructure from the customer to the Grieshaber Logistics Group as well as to the carrier is necessary to bundle and automatically evaluate all the above-mentioned requirements and finally pass them on to the operator. Only then is it possible to ensure that the shipment to the carrier hub is as late as possible.
In the solutions implemented in Rheinfelden, dispatch orders can be accepted, processed and sent up to 30 minutes before departure or before the carrier picks up the goods.

Through continuous customer and target market implementations, 21 carriers for the various services have now been integrated into the Transport Management System of Grieshaber Logistics Group AG. All connected carriers are able to pick up directly at the Hochrhein Logistics Park or can be reached in time by a GLG Sprinter partner network. Thus, the shipments can be delivered by the carrier directly after collection in the logistics park or indirectly due to pre-collection by the GLG Sprinter network, correspondingly in the target market.
Based on the implemented IT connections, combined with the direct collection in the distribution centre, the basis has been created to reach all European economic centres with the country-specific freight carrier specialists within the shortest possible time.
With the destinations Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux, Denmark, Italy and the Czech Republic, several thousand shipments with the corresponding specialists are dispatched daily to all major economic regions in Europe. Over 95% of the standard parcel shipments to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France can be delivered to the recipient the very next day, thus making full use of the synergies from centralized inventory management.


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