Master the challenges of pharmaceutical logistics as Lead Logistics Manager!

Today, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is an international contract logistics service provider which offers its customers tailor-made best-practice solutions thanks to its consistent focus on the demanding industry groups of health care and industry solutions as well as its many years of experience in logistics and project competence.

The key factors for success are employees, value-added partnerships and innovative strength.

Much has changed since the logistics business began in the pharmaceutical industry 30 years ago. "Today, we are experiencing a fast-moving business with enormous demands being placed on us, which make the supply chain more complex than ever" (quote Toni Elbert, Member of the Executive Board - picture on the right).

The challenges are, on the one hand, ever faster market changes and the associated increasing volatility, permanently rising product requirements which pose great challenges for the technical resources as well as the high complexity in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

In order to meet the complexity of these challenges, the Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has developed a holistic approach which includes the necessary flexibility and at the same time combines innovative concepts and intelligent approaches to solutions: the Grieshaber Lead Logistics Management Model (LLM).


This model is based on the partnering philosophy, which, combined with interdisciplinary and structural processes, guarantees effective and sustainable solutions with added value. The know-how and the do-how, related to our employees as well as the infrastructure, form the basis on which the following three pillars are continued:

  1. pillar: Partnering - Our partnership with the customer
    In order to be able to understand the customer's requirements, it is necessary to have a trusting business relationship at eye level!

  2. pillar: Best-fit approach - The best combination of logistics approaches
    3PL and 4PL services with room for tailor-made solutions based on the customer's actual needs!

  3. Pillar: Measurability & Transparency
    Measurable results and transparency via KPIs and an open-book philosophy lay the foundation for a trustful cooperation!

As Lead Logistics Manager, the Grieshaber Group manages the most diverse aspects of its customers' transport and supply chain. The key points of LLM are to increase flexibility and scalability, to be able to adapt quickly and to increase quality and improve reporting. In this context, resilience and agility as well as a dynamic and mental adaptability contribute a decisive factor.

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG not only has the experience, it also has the ability to understand and meet specific needs: "We create sustainable added value from complex logistics requirements with competence and 100% passion!".

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