Our project Clean introduces!

Now that we have

  • Clean IT
  • Clean Truck and
  • Clean Office / Clean Desk

we now come to the last Clean area: Clean Warehouse.

What does Clean Warehouse mean? Order and cleanliness are two essential principles at Grieshaber, which are directly linked to process quality. They must be implemented in compliance with occupational health and safety and fire protection measures. With over 150,000 square metres of storage space at eight locations, structures and regulations are needed to ensure that these principles can be adhered to and implemented without the day-to-day business suffering as a result. To this end, we have introduced various systems, such as:

  • Standardised team notice boards in the hall areas (per area and department) with clear instructions of how they are to be displayed.
  • Clear marking of supply lanes for incoming goods, outgoing goods as well as packing lanes
  • Marking of walkways
  • Waste separation systems
  • Orderly and clear labelling of storage areas and zones
  • Clear and personal assignment of responsibility to named persons per zone (regarding order & cleanliness)
  • Cleaning schedules with fixed cycles and responsibilities


In this way, we ensure a clean flow of goods and maintain our basic order. This is documented, among other things, via barcode scanning and various status messages in our warehouse management system, which also digitally accompanies the on-site measures. The monitoring of and compliance with the structures is done through regular internal "housekeeping audits". And in all of this, it is important to note:


"It doesn't always have to be complicated - keep it simple!"


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