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– CLEAN IT - for the sake of good order

As part of the concrete presentation of the areas, tips and suggestions are compiled for the individual areas, which, among other things, should help to create an organised working environment as well as to achieve and maintain precision and efficiency. Perhaps you will also find one or two valuable tips?

Tips for time- and space-saving storage management

More and more e-mails and documents flood inboxes and data storage every day. Many users feel pressured by this flood. With a sensible   storage system, some basic rules and technical measures, you too can build dams to channel the flood of messages.


Clogged e-mail inboxes

All incoming e-mails first end up in the inbox folder. If you do not move them immediately after reading them, but leave them there, they quickly pile up in a confusing heap that makes subsequent processing increasingly difficult. Therefore, an ironclad basic rule is: "Keep your inbox free!" The inbox should not be used to store "active messages". Organise your filing into subfolders and put reminders on messages so that the message is not forgotten.


Delete email regularly

Not every message needs to be kept. Therefore, do not underestimate the "recycle bin" and regularly "empty" the sent and deleted items folders as well. Filters can be used to automatically delete unwanted mails such as SPAM. This makes your mailbox lean and clean.


Data storage needs to be organised

Due to increased data volumes and higher availability requirements for IT systems, the time windows for backups and restores are getting shorter and shorter - in many cases almost zero! To reduce these data volumes, the help of all users is necessary.


Avoid duplicates when filing

Do not send large file attachments to different people, but store them on a central, publicly accessible drive and send the recipient only the link.
Clean the transfer drive regularly after use.
If possible, avoid saving image files, which usually require a lot of storage space.

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