OVIS - Optimised Value- & Information Stream

The Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has been offering OVIS workshops for over 15 years. The aim of these events is to offer optimisation potential and added value for all participants through mutual understanding. Within the framework of a trusting and cooperative atmosphere, processes are analysed, questioned and defined.

The aim is to put the grown processes and structures to the test, to highlight proven procedures and to identify disruptive factors in order to continue to successfully meet the current and, above all, future requirements of your customers and the market.

The basic principle of the methods applied in the workshop is the planning of value flows or work processes from "inside to outside". By means of the instruments force field analysis and OWS (Optimal Value Stream) the optimal processes are worked out together and the results are summarized and illustrated in the structure diagram.

The involvement of representatives from as many departments as possible is an important component for the successful implementation of the workshop. Only then can all strategic developments and orientations be taken into account.

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