Pharmaceutical logistics for sophisticated raw materials of narcotic products (BTM)

Since August last year, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has had a business relationship with an internationally operating pharmaceutical company that focuses on the treatment of severe pain and ADHD. The company is also active in the production of BTM products (narcotics).

Within the scope of this project, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG took over various activities from the area of production supply. The challenge here was to provide the customer with a fast and competent solution without long lead times.

Thanks to an existing qualification of the warehouse premises as well as the existence of both the required permits and certificates and validated and long-tested processes, a concept could be offered to the customer and implemented within only four weeks. In this way, existing bottlenecks in production could be eliminated and the new customer was offered enormous added value.

Special requirements are placed here on the storage of packaging materials: In addition to the usual requirements regarding ambient temperature, humidity, pest control, etc., the focus here is above all on protection against unauthorized access.

The prompt availability of the products for production is guaranteed by the establishment of a shuttle transport between the Grieshaber Group and the pharmaceutical company. In return, goods that are not required for current production are returned to the warehouse for storage using the same shuttle. To ensure plannable processes, fixed travel times have been agreed for the regular transports. However, this does not exclude the possibility of implementing changes at short notice.

In the future, direct deliveries by suppliers and thus extended incoming goods inspections are also to take place within the framework of procurement logistics.

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is pleased about the new customer acquisition and the future development and expansion of the business relationship based on partnership.

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