SAFEDI – Contact-Tracing and Distance-Control-System

A major challenge in the meantime in the corona pandemic is, among other things, to ensure the traceability of infections and the necessary safety distance. The Grieshaber Group relies on SAFEDI - Contact-Tracing.

This is a system for data protection-compliant documentation of a possible occurrence of an infection (recording of close contacts) and distance controlling for maintaining the necessary safety distance.

And this is how it works:

Every employee receives a SAFEDI chip. This chip is taken from a so-called synchro-lift immediately upon entering the company and is attached to the head area (e.g. collar).

SAFEDI supports with the distance warning via Bluetooth to keep a safe distance to other SAFEDI devices, i.e. other persons. If the minimum distance of 1.50m is undercut in the facial area, which is particularly at risk of infection, SAFEDI triggers optical and acoustic signals. Due to its constant visibility, SAFEDI reminds you to keep a safe distance.

Each SAFEDI is assigned an anonymous close contact diary, which records which SAFEDIs have come close to each other in the warning range. By recording both SAFEDI-IDs, the so-called double check, SAFEDI offers the best contact tracing worldwide! The transmission works by daily synchronisation via Bluetooth with the respective SAFEDI Synchro Hub.

If there is a proven infection, this is recorded by a "trusted person" defined in the company in accordance with data protection regulations and without personal data, and the person receives an anonymous notification from the access-protected SAFEDI portal about those SAFEDIs which, according to the contact diary, were in close contact with the SAFEDI of the infected person.

On this basis, the further necessary measures can be taken in close cooperation with the internal Corona crisis team. The data always remain in the company and all data older than the possible incubation period (14 days) are automatically deleted.

With its functions, SAFEDI helps to avoid chains of infection and thus to maintain the ongoing operations in the company.

Currently, this system is used at all major Grieshaber sites.

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is proud to be able to use such an innovation in the fight against the pandemic.

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