Sustainability in the supply chain

The topic of climate protection and sustainability is omnipresent. The share of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the logistics industry in Germany is almost 20%[1]. A rethink in the direction of sustainability is therefore particularly important in the logistics industry.


Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is also actively facing up to the challenges of counteracting climate change and is making its contribution to this. In addition to the various measures already implemented in the areas of vehicle fleet and building management, measures are now also being increasingly focused on the area of optimal transport and route management.

In this context, the so-called "bundling in the supply chain" was introduced as a further element on 01.07.2023, which stands as an active contribution to sustainability. However, this is not only about the optimal scheduling of consignments and partial loads. The focus here, and thus the challenge at the same time, is that all requirements must be met within the framework of the optimal combination of sensitive or different goods with border crossing into a non-EU area, taking into account regulatory and official requirements.  Consideration of such complex interrelationships thus goes far beyond the usual transport disposition.

This following practical example involves the bundling of our daily CH gateway shuttles:

Until now, parcel and general cargo shipments for the Swiss market were organised by different transport companies. This brought with it the disadvantage that transports were carried out by different transport service providers despite the same sender and/or recipient. This was due to the fact that the contract was awarded by different principals.

After an extensive analysis with regard to customer requirements, such as cut-off times and service levels, as well as with regard to market conditions and official regulations and requirements, it was possible to identify far-reaching bundling effects and thus combine collections.

For our customers, this results in particular advantages in the transfer from Germany to Switzerland, customs clearance and the further distribution of goods within Switzerland. Thanks to the intelligent linking of the traffic bundling and control systems, we were able to identify and implement considerable added value for our customers in the area of cost and environmental policy.

Currently, the daily CH Gateway Shuttle serves four customers from the Bad Säckingen and Rheinfelden logistics centres. However, we continue to strive to further expand our ventures in this area in order to be able to offer our customers further added value in the area of sustainability.


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