Ten years of Global HUB - a partnership of equals!

The successful partnership between the Swiss pharmaceutical company, which focuses primarily on the research and production of peptide-based medicine, and Grieshaber Logistics Group AG began in October 2013.

As a global hub, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG handles the worldwide shipment of pharmaceuticals in the temperature ranges -18°C, 02-08°C and 15-25°C for transportation by road, sea and air freight. Over the last decade, the service portfolio for the customer has been continuously expanded. In addition to X-ray activities, various administrative activities have also been taken over by certified Grieshaber personnel over the years. These include order management, the creation of insurance certificates and the stamping and signing of documents on behalf of the customer.

The project participants of the pharmaceutical company and Grieshaber celebrated the happy occasion of ten years of partnership together on December 12, 2023.

The Grieshaber Logistics Group is looking forward to the further development of the partnership and many more anniversaries!

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