The Building Block Principle of Project Management for Your Success - Part 2: OVIS Optimised Value & Information Stream

The supply chain of all manufacturers and wholesalers in almost all industries is changing rapidly due to an ever-increasing frequency of supplier relationships and the potential of digitalization. Companies are therefore faced at ever shorter intervals with the challenge of putting their entire logistics to the test and quickly evaluating the potential of procurement, intra- and distribution logistics and radically implementing optimizations. The challenge is to intelligently simplify and solve this growing complexity.


Grieshaber relies here on OVIS - Optimised Value & Information Stream (optimal value stream analysis)!

The basis for this is formed by the previous logistical processes. The "green meadow principle" is applied here, in which an ideal state is first defined, independent of the actual conditions, and initially without residual revisions. Together with the customer, these are recorded and evaluated. Taking into account expected future developments, an optimal value, information and process flow is defined for the entire supply chain, so that a high-level process flow can be derived as a result.

In detail, value stream mapping includes process analysis, design and management, with the goal of process optimization. Contents of this analysis include:

  • Pictorial representation of material and information flow (OWIS).
  • Recognizing added value - eliminating waste
  • Directing thinking to the stream or flow, not to individual processes
  • Value stream mapping (process analysis) and value stream design (process modeling)
  • Key question: How can processes and structures be designed to minimize waste of resources?
  • Weaknesses become visible through visualized processes
  • Optimization potentials are identified
  • Development of new, optimized processes, visualization and realization
  • Design optimal value stream in such a way that non-value adding activities are minimized.


The decisive factor for the enormous success potential of this analysis is the perfect cooperation between customer and service provider. Often resources are wasted due to non-transparent processes or lack of communication.

By means of this instrument, a unique framework is provided, which hardly ever comes together in day-to-day business. Through the participation of a wide variety of stakeholders, all of whom are involved in the upstream, downstream and main processes concerned, a unique level of transparency is created in which the analysis can be optimally carried out. The participants from the most diverse areas can each contribute their specialist know-how. This coming together not only creates transparency, it also creates acceptance and leaves room for optimization potential. It forms the basis for an objective, fast and goal-oriented way of working.


Customers who want to know where there is potential for optimization in their supply chain take one or two days off with selected employees and invest them in the workshop moderated by us. You can define yourself which processes are to be examined in detail or whether the entire logistics process is to be put to the test.

Achieve results with the OVIS workshop!


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