The Logistik Park Hochrhein is equipped with a photovoltaic system

In the wake of the uncertain availability of gas and electricity and the unpredictable pricing in the energy market, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has now decided to equip the Hochrhein Logistics Park in Rheinfelden with a photovoltaic system. The company is investing over half a million euros in this.

In the course of this acquisition, some of the gas heat pumps were also replaced with electric heat pumps. On the one hand, to increase the degree of utilisation of the photovoltaic system, and on the other hand, for the redundant use of gas or electricity, depending on availability and degree of efficiency.

The photovoltaic system has a nominal output of almost 550 KWp, occupies an area of 5,000 square metres and can be further expanded.

With the commissioning of the plant, Grieshaber can demonstrate a CO2-neutral balance, across all locations in relation to all logistics properties.

By expanding its photovoltaic systems in Rheinfelden, Grieshaber has not only taken an important step towards energy independence and cost efficiency, but is also making an important contribution to the issue of sustainability through renewable energies!


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