Passionate entrepreneur and mentor – Kurt Grieshaber celebrates his 80th birthday

After his 60th anniversary of service in 2023, Kurt Grieshaber made the conscious to withdraw from the day-to-day business of Grieshaber Logistics Group AG and move to the Supervisory Board. Operational responsibility is now borne by a four-member Executive Board team consisting of two family members and two long-standing, proven managers. Nevertheless, he can still be found almost every day in his office at the company headquarters in Bad Säckingen, where he keeps an eye on things and contributes his wealth of expertise to various projects.

The former President of the IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee and recipient of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Baden-Württemberg Business Medal has no shortage of enthusiasm. However, he enjoys the other activities of the employees from a different perspective and with a little less responsibility.

The sports fan has found a life bond in SV08 Laufenburg, where he has been a member for 66 years and has been the main sponsor since 1977. From coach and youth manager to chairman, he has held every position there over the decades and has held the office of honorary president in an active capacity since 1998.

Blessed by nature with enviable health, Kurt Grieshaber still enjoys sports, playing golf, skiing and regularly attending SV08 and SC Freiburg matches. However, after numerous motorcycle tours in the USA, South Africa and Europe, he has now sold his Harley after 29 years and swapped it for an e-bike.

He enjoys his days off and vacations with family and friends. He will also spend his special day with them, quietly in the mountains, with his wife, his two children and 4 granddaughters.


Congratulations to him!


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