Various value-added services and a perfectly coordinated range of services for the automotive industry

At the end of the first quarter of 2023, a consignment bonded warehouse was put into operation at the Bad Säckingen site for a supplier to the automotive industry. This is an optimal addition to the already existing business relations with the customer.

Within the scope of this project, Grieshaber takes over the receipt and storage of goods as well as the production supply of the customer in line with requirements. Furthermore, the range of services includes all customs procedures.

Here, materials from customer suppliers from so-called third countries, i.e. companies not based in the EU, are delivered to the Grieshaber warehouse in Bad Säckingen duty unpaid and untaxed, received and then transferred to the customs warehouse procedure. This means that at the time of receipt and storage, the products are still the property of the customer suppliers. The transfer to our customers, and the associated payment of the goods, only takes place when the goods are removed from the consignment warehouse in accordance with production requirements. The goods are also removed from the bonded warehouse at this point and subsequently released for free circulation under customs and tax law, which means that import duties are also only incurred at this point. The subsequent transfer of goods from the Grieshaber warehouse to the customer's location is carried out via an existing shuttle service.

The added value for the customer results in particular from the combination of a consignment warehouse and a bonded warehouse. The postponement of the payment of goods and import duties, which only takes place at the time of withdrawal from the warehouse and not at the time of storage, creates significant added value for the customer in terms of cash flow by considerably minimising the capital commitment costs. Another advantage, especially in this project, is that the newly integrated customs and consignment warehouse could be optimally integrated into the existing warehouse and transport structure, which is also being implemented by Grieshaber. This meant that the implementation of the customs and consignment warehouse could be carried out quickly and competently by Grieshaber.

During the entire planning and implementation phase, Grieshaber not only supported the client in designing the logistics processes, but was also able to provide additional consulting services in the context of applying for and obtaining the necessary customs permits.  

In the future, additional customer suppliers are to be added to the customs and consignment warehouse as part of this project. In addition, the customs processes involved are to be automated as far as possible, which will further increase process efficiency.

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is looking forward to the expansion of this customer project and to the continued business relationship based on partnership.


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