With KIT shipments, Grieshaber assumes another part of the value-chain for a leading company in the field of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics for "personalised medicine".

Our customer is a subsidiary of a global healthcare group in the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics sector. Its focus is on harnessing the potential of large amounts of molecular genetic data in the fight against cancer.

The focus of their innovation strategy is "Personalized Medicine".

Scientists can isolate DNA from the smallest tissue samples or blood, sequence several hundred genes and compare them with tumor profiles of other patients worldwide. A comprehensive final report can help the physician to select the most suitable therapy for his or her patient. The goal is to provide each patient with the most effective treatment against cancer based on his or her individual tumor profile. To this end, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG distributes a KIT to international customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, who are usually pathologists, containing all the necessary descriptions and aids for further treatment.

In addition to temperature-controlled warehouse management, operational dispatching including transport organization and tracking to the end customer, Grieshaber as the strategic supply chain partner also handles the document assembly of the kits. Within this assembly activity, GLG takes the standard documentation contained in the KIT and replaces it with target country-specific documents. These are printed individually for each recipient country, folded with a folding machine and then returned to the KIT. The removed documents are finally checked and documented and destroyed.

Thus, the end product is delivered worldwide in shorter time with complete efficacy and effectively targeted to the business user with higher scalability and reduced costs with the same or higher precision.


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