Workshop "Sustainability in the Supply Chain"

As part of a recent customer workshop, Grieshaber was able to speak on the topic of "Sustainability in the supply chain". The workshop - at which various representatives of the value chain were represented - had the goal of agreeing on a common understanding of the various players in terms of sustainability and environmental goals from the perspective of economic efficiency as well as social aspects. The increasingly important aspects of climate protection pose great challenges for the economy and the currently available value chains, which can only be overcome together in order to generate real and sustainable added value - which makes sense for people and the climate.  

The Grieshaber Logistics Group AG is already 100% Co2-neutral in the area of building infrastructure, and e-cars as well as gas-powered trucks have already been purchased in the vehicle fleet area.

The most important environmental key facts of Grieshaber:

  • Photovoltaic systems on the warehouses
  • Efficient LED lighting in the warehouses
  • Climate-neutral BIO-CNG truck
  • Car e-vehicle fleet
  • Flower meadow & lizard habitats
  • Insect hotels
  • Various employee programmes to reduce Co2 emissions


The Grieshaber Logistics Group AG thus takes responsibility for the world of tomorrow! To be continued...

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

Picture gallery: Grieshaber flower meadow, CNG truck, insect hotels, PV system, e-cars, co-op programmes

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