The Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has established a clearly organised and future-oriented management structure. The management team comprising ten people from the Executive Team and heads of division is responsible for the various divisions and departments. The clear allocation of functions within the team ensures an efficient handling of management tasks.

Our divisions

  • Health care solutions
  • Industry solutions
  • Marketing + PR
  • Personal management
  • Quality & regulatory affairs
  • Security management
  • Environmental management
  • Information technology
  • Engineering & purchasing
  • Finance and accounting

Executive team of Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

from left: Kurt Grieshaber, Toni Elbert, Christian Moog, Ulf Tonne
from left: Kurt Grieshaber, Toni Elbert, Christian Moog, Ulf Tonne

Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board consists of three members: Dr. Thomas Trümper (Chairman), André Dosé and Carsten Glos.

Porträt von Dr.-Ing. Thomas Trümper

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Trümper

  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Freicon AG, Freiburg
  • Head of the Bundesverband PHAGRO e.V., Berlin
  • Former CEO Alliance Healthcare Deutschland AG
  • Former COO Phoenix Pharmahandel AG
  • Former GF Kaltenbach GmbH
Porträt von André Dosé

André Dosé

  • Entrepreneur & Business consultant
  • Former CEO Gulf Air
  • Former CEO SWISS
  • Former CEO Crossair
  • Certified pilot
  • Awarded honorary doctorate from the European University Barcelona in Spain: Dr. h.c. in civil rights
Porträt von Carsten Glos

Carsten Glos

  • Business manager
  • Managing director 7Days Group, Frankfurt
  • Former COO Logistics & IT, CCG Group
  • Former Managing director ThermoMed GmbH
  • Former Head of Temperature Pharmalogistics Logistics Österr. Post
  • Co-founder Eurotemp Pharma