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1956 to 2022 - The Grieshaber company and MAN trucks

Remaining loyal to one brand for 66 years - the MAN trucks unit still accompanies today's logistics service provider, which once started as the Grieshaber haulage company.

On 23.11.2022, a Grieshaber team collected the 200th MAN truck unit from the factory in Munich.

Logistic solutions for a healthy future!

Grieshaber wins new customers from the field of biologics medicine and combines complex GDP transports with automated customs processes as part of its procurement and warehouse logistics.

Digitisation of forms using SmapOne

Grieshaber uses software application SmapOne and thus achieves flexible and independent data capture and transmission in real time.

Grieshaber expands the document guidance system with the  training guidance software Skill-Guard

Mapping of a digital qualification matrix and digitalisation of training planning and documentation with Skill-Guard

Pharma meets Customs

Grieshaber creates practical solutions for the import of medicines

IT security at the cutting edge!

How Grieshaber lays the foundation for secure and independent IT security

Grieshaber wins well-known cosmetics manufacturer as new customer at Logistik Park Hochrhein

Accelerated supply chain and digitalised customs clearance process for global distribution of high-quality beauty & care products