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Grieshaber takes own initiative!

Grieshaber trains employees as experts for rapid antigen testing SARS-CoV-2

"No one has the time to clean up - but everyone has the time to search."  (Jürgen Kurz)

Even the ancient Romans, the Prussians and last but not least our grandparents took spring as an opportunity to clean up. But how can work organisation and cleanliness be combined? Grieshaber has taken up this issue and combines work organisation with approaches to order and cleanliness through the cross-departmental project "CLEAN".

Meeting the challenges of leadership with system

"What we need most in life is someone to make us do what we are capable of doing." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Since 2015, Grieshaber has relied on its own leadership programme, which is trained exclusively by the board members as part of the Grieshaber Academy, and is part of the company culture.

Value-added services from a single source!

Grieshaber expands its range of services to include customs services for existing customers in the automotive industry

Grieshaber expands its warehouse capacities

Go-live of the extension building in F-Hombourg on 25 January 2021 - Grieshaber France SARL expands its warehouse capacities by 5,500 square metres

Values lived at grieshaber

„We create sustainable added value from complex logistics requirements with competence and 100% passion! – YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN PARNTER!“