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Accelerated supply chain and digitalised customs clearance process for global distribution of high-value beauty

Grieshaber provides comprehensive and value-added logistics services in the form of a pick & pack project of high-value cosmetic articles with special requirements.

Complex value-added services of sanitary fittings for the upmarket specialised trade

Grieshaber wins customers from the sanitary sector and expands its range of value-added services at the Rheinfelden site

The Logistik Park Hochrhein is equipped with a photovoltaic system

Grieshaber responds to the current energy market and creates independence and redundancy by expanding a photovoltaic system

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"You don't have to fear anything in life, you just have to understand it.
Now is the time to understand more so that we fear less."

Marie Curie           

1956 to 2022 - The Grieshaber company and MAN trucks

Remaining loyal to one brand for 66 years - the MAN trucks unit still accompanies today's logistics service provider, which once started as the Grieshaber haulage company.

On 23.11.2022, a Grieshaber team collected the 200th MAN truck unit from the factory in Munich.