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The fascination of bionics - what the future holds for us?

"The best way to predict the future is to shape it!"

Collectors Cut - the customer magazine Motion 2020

Magazine of the Grieshaber Logistics Group with inspiring stories.

Courage - not only the little brother of fear, but also the basis of happiness and hope

"Courage is like an umbrella. When you need it most, you miss it!"

Freedom - an indispensable commodity!

"Man's freedom lies not in the fact that he can do what he wants, but in the fact that he does not have to do what he does not want!"

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

Creativity - a necessity of everyday life

"Creativity is intelligence that has fun."

(Albert Einstein)

What is truth?

"The truth is like a peasant girl. She is most beautiful without make-up".

(Oskar Kokoschka)

the year is coming to an end...

"Comming togehter is a beginning,
Staying together is a progress,
Cooperation is a success."

(Henry Ford)

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