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Leading manufacturer of actuators and valve gearboxes takes advantage of Grieshaber's breathing resources and high diversification of commercial vehicles

Grieshaber wins manufacturer of drives for industrial fittings as a new customer, and successfully introduces the new logistics project including shuttle transports at the Müllheim site.

Successful implementation of a "Kitting

Grieshaber successfully starts a kitting & packaging project for a customer in the medical industry, and sets up a packing line in the manufacturing area at Logistik Park Hochrhein.

Grieshaber contributes to GDP knowledge portal

Our Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs (Simone Ferrante) and the GMP publisher Peither AG jointly developed the GDP Knowledge Portal for all actors within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Customs clearance more efficient with grieshaber

The steady expansion of the Trades & Customes Solution division is picking up speed - Grieshaber introduces customs software from the provider Dakosy

B2C shipping solutions for lifestyle products

Grieshaber Logistics Group AG takes over the complete fulfilment processing for customers in D-A -CH

Grieshaber is part of the Pharma Supply Chain

On 31 May 2021, Grieshaber participated in the virtual logistics forum on the topic of "Pharma Supply Chain".

Grieshaber wins new customer in the medical sector

From May 2021, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG will take over the logistics handling of a globally operating manufacturer of medical vacuum solutions.

Value-added services from a single source!

Grieshaber expands its range of services to include customs services for existing customers in the automotive industry

The GMP requirements for the production of pharmaceuticals are still fulfilled, so that Grieshaber can continue to act as a strong logistics partner in the pharmaceutical supply chain!