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70th anniversary of Grieshaber Logistics Group AG!

You can find the complete company history in our e-book!

"No one has the time to clean up - but everyone has the time to search." (Jürgen Kurz)

Even the ancient Romans, the Prussians and last but not least our grandparents took spring as an opportunity to clean up. But how can work organisation and cleanliness be combined? Grieshaber has taken up this issue and combines work organisation with approaches to order and cleanliness through the cross-departmental project "CLEAN".

An eventful year comes to an end!

"The bravest thing you can do in this day and age is to think for yourself!"

Courage in everyday life

"For the possible to arise, the impossible must be attempted again and again.

(Hermann Hesse)

Welcome to the Grieshaber Logistics Group family!

On 01.09.2020, 25 young people started a new phase of their lives with us.

Has vacation become standard?

There are only two ways to look at the world: Either one believes that nothing in the world is a miracle, or one believes that there is nothing but miracles.

(Albert Einstein)

Dreams are for driving!

A story about a man and his childhood dream!

Sustainability as a success factor

Taking responsibility for the world of tomorrow!

Passion - a desirable virtue!

"Passion is the secret of every great success!"

(Michael Dell)

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