EU central warehouse for ski manufacturers: dealer stocking by individual shipment

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Logistik Center Müllheim

Customer Profile
Swiss producer of high-quality ski and sports equipment


Project Implementation 

  • Establishment of an EU central warehouse. Storage of pre-order quantities to stock all European dealers at the beginning of the season.
  • Storage and dispatch of selected models for individual dispatch on the basis of customer commission.
  • Ensuring traceability via serial number.


  • Process optimisation: Reduction of delivery time by 3 days to max. 48 hours.
  • Reduction of customs clearance costs; instead of individual customs clearance - 1 total customs clearance.
  • Possibility of self-collection for EU customers without customs clearance administration
  • Reduction of freight costs  
  • Breathing resources, as the disadvantages of seasonality are absorbed
  • Returns processing without time-consuming customs clearance

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