Worldwide Warehousing - Worldwide distribution of dentistry!


Logistik Park Rhein-Main Biebesheim

Customer Profile
World-leading dental company with a comprehensive range of products in aesthetic dentistry, tooth preservation, prosthetics, periodontics and digital dentistry.

Worldwide Warehousing

Project Implementation 
Central goods distribution centre for the worldwide dispatch of products. Hazardous goods handling and packaging of deliveries as "limited quantities" for road, sea and air.


  • Handling of the complete operational requirements (WE, sample drawing, picking, packing, disposition, shipping, returns handling, inventory management of consumables & packaging materials) .
  • Significant increase in delivery flexibility and delivery service, reduction of lead times
  • Optimisation of inventory management incl. pre-financing of consumables and packaging materials
  • Know-How and Do-How for dangerous goods/materials shipments, also in case of LQ/EQ
  • Handling of secure air freight

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